Bioacoustics Workshop Schedule

Old version of schedule

Overview of the Forecast Framework and Challenges | Session 1

Ruth Joy

Southern Gulf Island Whale Sighting Network | Session 2

Lucy Quayle, Susie Washington-Smyth

Tracking Orcas in Washington's Inland Waters | Session 3

Monika Wieland

Overview Elements of Acoustic Whale Detection | Session 4

Mike Dowd

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Hydrophone Data | Session 5

Harald Yurk

Evaluation of the Coastal Acoustic Buoy for Offshore Wind | Session 6

Kaitlin Palmer

Boundary Pass Underwater Listening Station | Session 7

Melanie Austin

Music Information Retrieval Random Forest (MIRRF) Classifier for PAMGuard | Session 8

Holly Leblond

Deep Learning and Marine Bioacoustics | Session 9

Oliver Kirsebom

Open-source Detector: Current State and Future Efforts | Session 10

Fabio Frazao

Characterizing Southern Resident Killer Whale (SRKW) Calls Using a Particle Filter for Frequency Ridge Extraction | Session 11

Paul Nguyen Hong Duc

Adventures with Autoencoders | Session 12

Val Viers

Orca Call Analysis for Source Separation | Session 13

Ambra Jin

Integrating Acoustic and Visual Observations for Cetacean Conservation | Session 14

Virgil Zetterlind

Streaming Data in the Wild | Session 15

Andrei Vassilenko, Jillian Anderson

Catalyzing Conservation of Southern Resident Killer Whale | Session 16

Scott Viers

Streamlining the OrcaAL (Orca Active Learning Tool) | Session 17

Benjamin Chew

Non-song Humpback Vocalizations from Inland Waters of Washington | Session 18

Emily Vierling

Stream External Hydrophones to Orcasound Websites | Session 19

Karan Mishra